Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Ron Carlson

Another one of my reviews was just posted on Bookslut. It isn't a particularly enthusiastic review, and I hope I was fair. I had a feeling that I wouldn't like the the book even when I requested it, but I do like Ron Carlson's stories and wanted to see if something interesting could be done in the "craft of writing" genre. It was also something of a nostalgic excursion, because I used to gobble up such books in college and hadn't opened one since.

Anyway, I'd love to hear what people think. It's strange: whenever I go back and read these Bookslut reviews after some time has passed, I get the feeling that some stodgy old man has written them. They usually only say things that I agree with, but the liveliness is sort of gone. And it's usually there when I re-read old parts of this blog. Well, you do the best you can.

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