Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Some New Publications

A few pieces of mine have been published. Most aren't available online, but can hopefully be tracked down by the determined.

I have a piece in the current issue (March/April 2016) of Horticulture magazine. The piece discusses "Liberty Tea," the variety of native American plants used by the American colonists after the boycott on imported British tea began.

I think I first read about New Jersey tea (Ceanothus americanus) in Alan Hall's excellent (and out-of-print) Wild Food Trailguide, and about sweet fern and spicebush tea in Leda Meredith's excellent Northeast Foraging from Timber Press. Meredith's book is one of the best foraging guides you can buy, even if you aren't in the Northeast, and almost everything I've read of hers shows care and deep knowledge.

Speaking of foraging, I had a piece on the pawpaw (one of America's most delicious and little-eaten fruits) in the Cincinnati Magazine blog, and will have a longer article in Edible Ohio Valley in late summer / early fall, when pawpaws are in season. Anyone who subscribes to Cincinnati should also check out the dining section; I have an occasional restaurant review in there. Thanks for reading.


Roger Gursahani said...

how do I contact you about help with a writing piece.

Akshay Ahuja said...

Dear Roger,

My contact email is on the right side of the page -- please feel free to get in touch.

All the best,
Akshay Ahuja